"Let us take care of your dog's business"

2015  RATES

Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor  / Belleville Area

1 Doggy - $15.50 per Yard/week*
2 Doggies - $16.50 per Yard/week*
3 Doggies - $19.50 per Yard/week*
4 Doggies - $20.50 per Yard/week*
5 Doggies - $22.50 per Yard/week*

*extra charges may apply on large yards & service outside the Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Belleville area.
   Questions? Call! 734-480-8180

**Intial clean up fee may be required if the yard has not been serviced for a extended period of time.

15% discount offered to senior citizens, people with assistance/guide dogs, and disabled people

10% discount offered to military, veterans, police & fire department, teachers, nurses and expectant mothers!