"Let us take care of your dog's business"

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                                                                Removing dog pooh in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and Belleville.  

Dreaming of green "CLEAN" yards!

Own a Dog?

You love your dog...

But you sure don't love having to clean the mess in your yard. You have better things to do with your time .


Left to accumulate, dog waste ruins the appearance of your property, attracts disease carrying pests and offends the neighbors. Not to mention endangering the health of your pets and your family. Somebody has to do it. But that "somebody" doesn't have to be YOU!

Reasons for using our service...

People want dog removal services for these reasons:

1) TIME:
Dual-income families, single-parent households, executives and professionals work long hours. People are always short on time. In our time-strapped society, people want to do things other than cleaning up dog poop!

2) Physical Limitations:
People with guide dogs, assistance dogs, ailing, eldery and disabled pet owners all need help cleaning up after thier animals. The availability of a dog waste removal service could make the difference in being able to keep a favorite pet or having to get rid of it.

3) The "Ickiness"
Dog owners accept it as a fact of needing to clean up after their pets, but can appreciate the ability to call a service and take the "ickiness" out of pet ownership.